Method publications/references related to UltraScan:

  1. Experimental Design:

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  2. Calibration and Measurement:

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  3. Good Manufacturing Processes (GMP):
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  4. Multi-Wavelength Analysis:

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  5. Multi-Speed Analysis:

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  6. Monte Carlo Analysis:

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  7. Parallel Computational Techniques:

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  8. Reversible Associations:

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  9. Genetic Algorithm Publications:

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  10. 2-Dimensional Spectrum Analysis (2DSA):

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  11. Custom Grid Analysis:

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  12. Parametrically Constrained Spectrum Analysis (PCSA):

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  13. Finite Element Models:

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  14. Bead Modeling:

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  15. van Holde - Weischet analysis:

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  16. UltraScan Software References:

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  17. Noise processing:

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  18. Posters:

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